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B.A. (Natural Sciences), Cambridge University, 1974
Ph.D. (Zoology), Cambridge University, 1978


1978-1983: Entomologist, Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control

  • set up field station in Monterrey, Mexico for project on Parthenium hysterophorus, a major invasive weed in Australia

  • surveyed insects and diseases on the plant throughout Mexico and studied their biology and host-specificity

  • sent six insect species to Australia for further study and field release.

1984-2004: Research Scientist, Alberta Environmental Centre/Alberta Research Council

Research on insects and mites for biological control of weeds in Alberta:

  • selected target weeds and potential biological control agents

  • worked with cooperators in Europe on biological studies and host-specificity of potential agents

  • obtained approval of agents from regulatory authorities

  • imported, reared and released biological control agents in the field

  • evaluated their establishment, dispersal, and impact

  • developed systems to distribute promising agents to users in the field

  • target weeds included leafy spurge, Canada thistle, field bindweed, scentless chamomile, toadflax, cleavers, and common tansy.

2004 - present: Proprietor, McClay Ecoscience