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Alec McClay has over 25 years experience in all aspects of biological control of invasive plants, including target selection, exploration for natural enemies, host-specificity testing, biological studies, introduction, rearing, and release of biological control agents, field evaluation, and redistribution of agents. He has studied the ecological basis of biological control in areas such as target weed selection, agent selection, effects of climate, the need for experimental evaluation, landscape ecology, and centres of origin. These interests in the ecology of biological control have given him a broad understanding of the biology of invasive species in general. He has collaborated with researchers in Canada, the USA, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and elsewhere, and served as an editor and reviewer for numerous scientific journals. He is familiar with the regulatory procedures governing the release of biological control agents in Canada and the United States. Recently he was the lead author of a review of the costs and impacts of invasive species in Alberta.

parthenium host testing
Parthenium in Mexico
Host-specificity testing